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2009年08月13日(木)の放送内容 China's Big Spender



What is drawing attentions in the international economy the most is not America's future but China's.

*The hottest debate over the world economy is not on the fate of America; it's on the fate of China.


It is about whether China would be the worst victim of the world crisis in 2009 or the most successful survivor.

*Will it be the worst victim, or the most successful survivor, of the global crisis of 2009?


So far, all news say Chin's economy is in good shape, in spite of the prediction that when America's economy is struggling, China's would suffer from a finacial panic.

*So far the news all points to success, as the Asian giant defies the old assumption that an American recession would trigger a Chinese depression.



For a long time, China has depended on its export to America. Even though its export rate plunged by 26.4% but it's economy has kept on growing.

*Long dependent on exports to America, China continues to grow strongly despite a collapse of exports, down 26.4 percent in May alone.


One of the reason for China growing, is the growth of its domestic economy. Retail prices have increased by 15.2% in May and sales of houses and cars have been steadly growing.

*The reason is growth at home, with retail sales up 15.2 percent in May, and house and car sales taking off.

//take off:〔商品が〕急に売れだす、よく売れだす、人気が出る、〔売り上げが)急に伸びる、急増する、〔仕事・計画が〕軌道に乗る、〔景気が〕上昇し始める、景気がよくなる


Some point out that means China has reached a new level of development and become as a rich society as America is. Indeed, in some points, it's true.

*To some, this is evidence that China has hit a new state of development, emerging as a consumer society wealthy enough to rival America as the world's best customer, and in some ways it has.


However, the problem is that the power of this expansion is not consumption by individuals. The real consumer is its government because that by ordinary Chinease has remain low.

*The problem is that the consumer driving the boom is not the individual, because the Chinese shopper has been in retreat in recent years. The real big spender is the government.


2010年01月25日(月)の放送内容 LOOKING FOR NEW MARKETS



Japanese wine makers held an sales promoting event in London on Saturday, whose aim was to make wine lovers in London to taste their Kosyu wine.

*Japanese wine makers hoped to tickle the palates of wine lovers in London on Saturday at an event to promote Japan's "Koshu wines".



15 wineries in Yamanashi pref. attended this event, which are now seeking a new market.

*15 producers from Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan, took part in the wine tasting in pursuit of new markets.

//試飲会:wine tasting

//in pursuit of :~を追及して


About 130 visitors such as wine critics, owners of restaurants, and wholesalers perticipated and they tasted white wine made frim Kosyu Budo in Japan.

*The event attracted about 130 commentators, restaurant owners and wholesalers who sampled the white wines made from the indigenous Koshu grape.

//The event attracts....



It is said that Kosyu wine has low alchole degree and sensitive taste

*The wines have a low alcohol content and are described as having a delicate flavor.

//繊細な風味:delicate flavor

//alcohol content:アルコール度(have a alcohol content)



Visotors said, " The wines are wonderful, indeed. The taste is very natural and liks rain drops or green plants"

Or "Nowadays light taste wines are getting popular. So it would be possible that Japanese wind be on sale in even England"

*"Beautiful flavors, beautiful flavors! Very natural, like green grass and raindrops."

*"The way that the market is moving, it's moving more towards lighter styles. So there could be a possibility for Japanese wines in the UK."

//緑の草:green grass





As tge society is aging, some Japanese automobile marufacturers started focosing on viecles for the disabled.

*Japanese auto firms are developing vehicles for drivers with physical handicaps as Japan's population ages.

//with physical handicaps

//Japan's pululation ages


Toyota developed a system with which drivers can put back their wheelchairs to their car by themselves.

*Toyota Motor has developed a system that allows drivers to store their wheelchairs without the help of other people.



After a driver sits on a driving seat, with a remote controle, he can put his wheelchair on to the box attached on the car roof.

*Drivers can place their wheelchairs in a box on the rooftop of their vehicles from their seat, using a remote control device.



Meanwhile, HONDA has developed a device in which people handicapped with their legs can handle break and accel by thier hands.

*Honda Motor has put a new device for people with leg disabilities into practical application.

// people with leg disabilities: 足の不自由な人


They can start and stop their cars only with handling a lever attached on the left side.

*The device allows drivers to manually operate a brake and accelerator by using a lever installed to their left.


//installed to their left : 左側に設置された


Automobile companies are expecting that the demand for welfare cars would increase due to aging society.

They are developing cars like one that people can drive with only their legs or one that can be used to carry people who need care.

*Auto firms expect sales of adapted vehicles to increase due to the aging of the population.

* They are also developing cars that can be operated by legs alone and vehicles to carry people with special needs.

//special needs





Japanese major supermarkets are reducing prices of import products to give benefit back to sonsumers due to weak dollar.

*In an aim to pass on the benefits of a weaker U.S. dollar, a major Japanese supermarket chain is offering discounts on imported foods.

//offer discounts on importted foods


Ito yoka do, started 3 days discount sales in its 166 outles across Japan since Tuesday.

*Ito-Yokado started a three-day sale on Tuesday at 166 stores nationwide.

//a 3-day sale:3日間のセール


They started the discount because they were able to import products cheaper due to the plummet of dollar below 90 yen.

*The discounting was prompted by the fall in the U.S. dollar below 90 yen, which makes the purchase of imported goods cheaper for Japanese businesses.

//90円を割る米ドルの下落:the fall in the US dollar below 90 yen


At stores in Tokyo, 20 items like pork, sermon and tomatos imported from US or Chiri, are sold 20 up to 50 % cheaper than usual.

*An Ito-Yokado supermarket in Tokyo is selling about 20 items at a discount of 20 to 50 percent. These include pork, salmon, and tomatoes from the United States and Chile.

//at a discount of 50%: 半値で


2009年04月10日(金)の放送内容 GM CEO RESIGNS


In response to White House's pressure, U.S. automobile manufacturer GM officially anounced its CEO, Mr Richard Wagoner would resign. The firm had been seeking the goverment's protection, due to its big loss.

*After posting some pretty steep losses and asking for government help, U.S. automaker General Motors confirmed its chairman and chief executive officer, Richard Wagoner has resigned, under pressure from the White House.


According to the staement announced by GM on Monday, the successor of Mr.Wagoner is Mr. Fitz Henderson who would be both CEO and COO.

*GM released a statement Monday, saying Wagoner will be succeeded by president and chief operating officer, Fritz Henderson.


It is said that The Obama administration required GM to dissmiss Mr. Wagoner on Friday due to its extra help to rebuild GM.

*The Obama administration urged Wagoner to step down last Friday, apparently in return for additional government support, as part of GM's restructuring plan.

//in return for : ~の見返りに


GM has already received about 13billion as a official financing, and this time they asking for extra 16 billion USD.

*The auto firm has already received about 13 billion dollars in bailout loans, and it is asking now for an extra 16 billion.

//bailout loans: 救済融資


Mr. Wagoner had been CEO of GM since 20000.

*Wagoner has served as GM's CEO since the year 2000.

//serve as --- :


The auto firm GM, which used to be superior to others, has suffered from dificits for 4 yeasr in row, and its loss in 2008 reached 30 billion USD.

*The once-dominant automaker has posted losses over the past 4 years, with the amount in 2008 reaching 30 billion dollars.